Portland Dry Cleaners

28 Allen Avenue, Portland, ME 04103

Portland Dry Cleaners offers FREE Pick-up and Delivery Service to your commercial office in the Greater Portland area.

Same prices as our store. Click here for list of most popular items dry cleaned.

Simply give us a call at (207) 878-3830 and ask for Dave.

Or use the sign-up sheet below and we will give you a call to set up FREE Pick-up and Delivery for your dry cleaning.

The only thing you will have to worry about is putting your dry cleaning away.

• We are a “FULL SERVICE” dry cleaner.

• We process wedding gowns, down comforters, drapes, linens, etc.

• Leather and suede items — prices upon request.

Portland Dry Cleaners has over 45 years of experience.

For your other laundry needs click here.

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